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R links and other bits on computational statistics

+ Good to know

We knew R was hot, but it's still getting hotter

+ Books with online resources

The Schumway and Stoffer: "Time Series Analysis and Its Applications: With R Examples"
Arthur Charpentier's "Computational Actuarial Science With R"

+ Official CRAN resources

The R Project:
Introduction to R (html):
Introduction to R (pdf):
Introduction to the R language:

+ Other online tutorials

Freakonometrics points to 2 minute-long video tutorials:
With statistical examples:
With more advanced statistical examples:

+ Advanced R

R or Python??? An infographic
Advanced R with C/C++ integration: "Advanced R" by Hadley Wickham
This paper: A great introduction to Rcpp by its authors Douglas Bates and Dirk Eddelbuettel
See also this post on fast linear modeling...
Useful if using Rcpp: C++ Armadillo library
Also useful if using Rcpp: Rcpp's gallery!
Advanced R memory usage: "Advanced R" by Hadley Wickham (again!)
Also to speed things up: Parallel Programming with GPUs and R
Also on memory usage: A useful overview by Matthew C Keller
On cmpfun(), R's compiler, and R code profiling: an illustrated guide by Noam Ross

+ Some great places

Addicted to R's great library on R graphics: "Improving-the-graph-gallery"
A good talk about R: The R Language The Good The Bad And The Ugly - John Cook
Lots and lots of interesting posts on 'Revolutions': (Must still get my head around that one!)
For some more exotic stuff: (used to be at
A UNIX-oriented approach: